The Two Types of Remarketing in Google Ads

The Two Types of Remarketing in Google Ads

If you’ve worked with Digital Marketing before, chances are you are familiar with the term “Remarketing” or “Retargeting”. (If you haven’t, keep reading, we’ll explain this later). But did you know that Google Ads offers two types of ads that work exclusively for retargeting users? In this blog post we’ll cover what they are and how to use them.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing (or retargeting) is a digital marketing term that refers to a campaign or set of ads that targets people who have previously visited your website or app. This means that these people already know about your brand but may need an extra push to convert into a customer or to just keep a company at their top of mind.

Why use Remarketing ads?

Unlike any other type of ad, Remarketing has proven time and again that they provide a higher click-through and conversion rate. Plus, they are great to raise brand awareness. Think about it: instead of reaching out to a new audience, you are talking to people who already have certain knowledge or purchase intentions. 

How does remarketing work on Google Ads?

Remarketing is possible thanks to the website “cookies”. These small files that are automatically saved on a person’s browser whenever they enter a site allows us marketers to tailor their browsing and shopping experience to meet their needs and interests.

Have you ever been in a situation where you Google a product or service and start seeing ads for it a couple of days later? Well, that’s remarketing doing its work.

But Isn’t this an invasion of my privacy? 

Some people argue that companies such as Google keeping track of your online activity should be considered an invasion of privacy. But rest to be sured all the information marketers use to create remarketing campaigns is completely anonymous and code-based. Meaning that we don’t know your name, address, phone number, or any other personal information that might give us a clue who you are in real life. 

Besides, these files are stored on your browser and can be erased whenever you want.

The two types of Remarketing in Google Ads

There are two main ways to retarget potential customers through Google Ads:

  • Pixel-Based Remarketing Ads

These ads use pixel-based technology to target people that left your website without buying something. The main benefit of these ads is that they can display the vert specific pages or products the visitor was looking at before deciding not to make the purchase.

Although these are heavily targeted ads, to have this campaign up and running is a time-intensive process as you need to implement the pixel code on every product or category page.

  • List-Based Remarketing Ads

This is great for websites with high conversion rates. If you already have a big database of customers, visitors or newsletter subscribers, you can use it to target them with highly customized and controlled ads. List-based ads are a great strategy for small budgets as they have a wider messaging, meaning you can reach more people with a single ad.

In conclusion…

Remarketing ads are a great way to improve sales as the people seeing them already showed a certain level of interest in your product or service. Although they can be tricky to get up and running they drive results in the long-run.


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