The Importance of UX Design for Your Startup

The Importance of UX Design for Your Startup

Some startups may fail, but yours won’t. Because you’re going to put user experience first. Nearly every startup, throughout every industry, can benefit from putting user experience first. With all other factors being equal, being able to provide what customers want is what will carry your startup through to success. What’s your secret? UX design.

What is UX Design?

User experience (UX) design ensures that users are as satisfied as possible when using your product. From better customer service to intuitive interface development, UX is focused on giving users what they want. And it works. If you give users a satisfying, engaging experience, they will be more likely to interact with your product. Customers who are satisfied with their overall user experience are more likely to be retained, lowering the organization’s overall costs of customer acquisition and customer retention.

In short, UX design is the singular most important aspect for many startups. If customers aren’t satisfied with your product, building a company is going to be an uphill journey. If users are satisfied with your product, many other issues can easily be forgiven and forgotten.

Tips for Improving the UX Design in Your Startup

  • Make UX design one of your company’s major priorities. By officially labeling UX design as a value within your organization, you can ensure that all members of the company will focus on it.
  • Engage in significant amounts of UX testing. You can’t know whether your UX could be improved unless you test it — thoroughly and often. Fresh eyes can often help find issues that otherwise go unnoticed.
  • Take some time to brainstorm. No idea is too crazy. Invite non-design members of the company as well as the core design team to give suggestions regarding the user experience. They may have some unique insights that can set you apart.
  • Poll your users. It’s often the case that design companies don’t actually know what good design is: they’re too embedded within the industry. A real user will be able to tell you whether their experience was a positive one. From there you just need to pin down the reasons why.
  • Make sure to pay attention to your metrics. If your users are frequently abandoning your site in certain areas, that means that there’s something there they find frustrating or inaccessible.
  • Don’t just follow a template. The problem with UX templates is that all businesses are following the same trends — you can’t distinguish yourself. Break out of the box and explore new ways to improve.

Your UX design ultimately defines your relationship with your customers. If you have a poor UX design, your customers aren’t going to stick around to interact with your business. If you have a good UX design, you’ll be able to develop your relationships with your customers further, holding onto customers long-term and building a closer understanding of what they want in the future. For more information about improving your UX, building out your web presence, and strengthening your user relationships, contact the experts at Bexi.


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