Social Media Metrics: Which are the most important?

Social Media Metrics: Which are the most important?

When it comes to measuring the success of your social media strategy (either organically or paid advertising) social media metrics, also known as KPI (key performance indicators) will determine if it is performing as expected. But in the vast world of digital marketing it might be difficult to define which are the best social media metrics to track as it completely depends on your campaign objectives.

What are social media metrics?

They are performance metrics that effectively reflect if a social media campaign is missing, or working towards its objectives. Social media metrics can help us visualize our content’s engagement, conversion, reach, just to name a few.

It is important to note that analyzing the performance of your social media strategy requires a defined time frame to effectively compare it with previous campaigns or with your competitors. 

What are the most common social media metrics?

There are many ways to measure success in social media, it all depends on what you are trying to achieve. Here are some of the most common social media marketing metrics.

ReachThe amount of people that saw your content at least once in their timeline.
ImpressionsThe number of times a piece of content was displayed.
EngagementThe amount of people that interacted with your content. (Likes, comments, shares, etc.)
ConversionThe amount of people that took a desired action. (Registered, Made a Purchase, Created an account, etc.)
Response RateThe percentage of answered comments or messages within a certain amount of time.
Audience Growth RateThe percentage of added followers in a specific period, compared to a previous time frame. 
Brand AwarenessThe total of brand mentions online.
SentimentA speech analysis of brand awareness to determine in the brand mentions where positive, neutral, or negative.
ViewsThe amount of views video content gets.
Total SharesThe number of times a specific content was shared by another user. Great for measuring virality.
LeadsThe total of potential clients
TrafficNumber of visits social media drives to a specific website.

What are vanity metrics in social media?

Vanity metrics are key performance indicators that do not have a direct relationship to return on investment. 

In ad campaigns that are focused on increasing conversions, the strategy’s success is measured by the amount of people that took a desired action on a landing page. The vanity metrics for that campaign would be New Followers, Likes, Comments, as they are not structural to the main objective.

If you are looking to increase awareness and engagement on social media, vanity metrics are extremely helpful as they measure community growth and content virality.

How to analyze social media metrics?

It might sound like a complicated task and while some metrics might require some basic math on your part to get them right. Social Media Platforms have the necessary tools you’ll need to create comprehensive social media metrics reports on the performance of your campaigns. 

Nonetheless, some of these tools are limited. For example, you can view your Instagram’s metrics directly on the app but you can only go as far as 90 days into the past. There are many social media metrics tools on the internet that are more complete, can obtain information across multiple social media pages and are more user-friendly. We suggest you give them a look.

How to keep track of social media metrics?

One of the main perks of advertising online is the ability to press the breaks on a campaign, evaluate it, and make any necessary adjustments. 

What do we mean by this? 

Let’s say your main objective is to duplicate the amount of people that follow your brand on social media in three months. But at the end of the first month you analyze your metrics and see that your numbers are below from what was expected.

Now it’s the perfect time to pause any investment and redefine the strategy. 

As marketing experts we recommend keeping an eye on your social media metrics as they are a reflection of your campaign’s performance. 

In conclusion…

Social Media metrics are the lifeblood of the results of a social media campaign. Depending on how big your company is, CEOs, Marketing Directors, Sales Teams, Marketing Teams, Content Managers, Community Managers, Copywriters, Designers, and many more; work with metrics to determine next steps, evaluate results, and propose new ways to increase effectiveness.

Now when it comes to choosing the most important metrics to evaluate, it all boils down to your campaign’s objectives. During the planning process, think about your desired goals and the best way to measure them. 

Some people might see them as a chore, but knowing how a specific campaign is performing can make or break your overall marketing  strategy. 

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