Social Media Job Titles

Social Media Job Titles

Digital Marketing is an ever growing universe with opportunities for everyone. As long as new technologies and platforms are created on a daily basis, new specialized roles are to be fulfilled, and Social Media is no exception. What once started with a few handful of content creators, social media management today requires experts in many disciplines ranging from creative to analyst. Here’s the most popular social media job titles in the market.

Social Media Position Titles

Director of Social Media

The person in this role is responsible for developing and overseeing all of the social media initiatives and their relationship with the business’ objectives.

Social Media Account Manager

Although this role is more common in agencies with multiple clients. A Social Media Account Manager is responsible for the development of content strategies exclusively for the accounts under his/her supervision. 

Content Manager

This role focuses on scheduling content creation and making sure everything that is posted on a company social media pages are on-brand. The person is also responsible for developing strategies focused on social media KPIs (followers, reach, engagement, etc.) rather than business objectives.

Social Media Analyst

An analyst is responsible for everything related to performance and trends. It is common for a Social Media Analyst to create timely reports on the brand’s social media performance which will help the social media account manager if there’s a need for a new strategy. Amongst other duties, the analyst is someone who understands social media trends and creates strategies around them to boost organic numbers.

Community Manager

As we like to say, today’s consumers are looking for meaningful connections between brands. This can only be achieved if the Social Media team has a Community Manager that understands the needs and wants of the brand’s followers. Harnessing a digital community is difficult, that’s why community managers who facilitate conversations through replies, messages, and other forms of communication are key to the success of the Social Media department.

Social Media Job Titles Hierarchy

Now that we covered the most common roles on a Social Media team, let’s talk about who’s boss? 

Keep in mind that the following hierarchy is more common in big companies rather than agencies or small businesses. Nonetheless, it is a great starting point to see the real capabilities a well founded social media team has.

It seems easy but a great social media feed requires a lot of talent, effort and people working on it tirelessly to make it work. Whether you are thinking of a career working on Social Media or want to build a team for your brand, make sure you cover all the bases and listen to the experts. That way your Social Media Page will become the next internet sensation. 

But keep in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg. We only covered social media focused roles, but your team needs to be bigger if your team suggests using video or other form of content. 


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