SEO and CRO in Your Sales Strategy

SEO and CRO in Your Sales Strategy

When it comes to selling products online, few factors are more important than your website’s SEO and CRO. In fact, improving your site’s SEO, CRO, or both is often the quickest and easiest way to significantly boost your online sales.

In this article, we’ll discuss what SEO and CRO are, how they work in tandem to boost sales, and the steps that you can take to improve your site’s SEO and CRO.

What is SEO and CRO?

SEO – which stands for “search engine optimization” – is the process of optimizing a website so that it shows up higher in the search results. CRO, meanwhile – which stands for “conversion rate optimization” – is the process of optimizing a website so that a higher percentage of visitors to the site convert into paying customers. Combined, these two processes can dramatically boost the number of sales that a website produces.

SEO and CRO: A Dynamic Duo for Boosting Your Sales

SEO and CRO are both highly effective at boosting a site’s sales in their own right. Combined, though, great SEO and great CRO make for an especially powerful duo. Good SEO can drive many more visitors to your site, significantly improving the amount of traffic that your website receives. Good CRO, meanwhile, means that a higher percentage of your site’s visitors will convert into paying customers.

When you are able to drive more traffic to your website by boosting your site’s SEO as well as improve your site’s conversion ratio, the results are sure to be impressive. By improving your site’s SEO and CRO, you can build a website that is designed to bring in the maximum number of visitors and convert the maximum percentage of those visitors into sales.

How to Improve Your Site’s SEO

Even the best website in the world won’t be able to deliver much value if no one ever finds it. To ensure that you aren’t simply shouting into the void, it is essential to boost your site’s SEO so that search engines such as Google will begin recommending your site to their users. Thankfully, there are a number of proven strategies for boosting a site’s SEO. Here are just a few ideas that you may want to consider for improving your website’s SEO:

Create Well-Written, Keyword-Rich Content

Search engines such as Google want to provide real value to their users and display results that will be the most helpful. With this being the case, search engines love recommending websites that are full of well-written, valuable content.

To make your content even more appealing to search engines, be sure to sprinkle in keywords that your target audience is likely to search. The more well-written, keyword-rich content that you are able to publish on your website, the higher your website will show up in the search results.

Build Backlinks to Your Site

One important way that search engines determine whether or not a website is valuable and authoritative is how many backlinks there is that lead back to the site. When another website links back to your site, they are essentially telling Google that they recommend your site. In a way, backlinks are like the digital marketing version of social currency.

The more popular your site is with other websites, the more popular it will be with Google as well. While you can’t directly control which websites link back to your site, you can create backlinks by doing things such as writing guest posts for other sites that include a link back to your site or offering to pay for a backlink.

Use Alt Tags

Any visual or video media on your site needs to be described in the text using alt tags. This enables search engines to locate and categorize your non-text content, which is highly important if you want to improve the SEO of pages that are populated with media other than written content.

How to Improve Your Site’s CRO

Once you’ve boosted the traffic to your site by improving its SEO, the next step is to convert as many of those visitors as possible into paying customers by improving your site’s CRO. A few of the ways that you can go about boosting your website’s CRO include:

Create a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is a carefully-designed path of pages on your website that slowly leads visitors to the point of purchase. For example, the sales funnel on your site may lead a visitor from the home page to a promotional video about your products to the product information page to the shopping cart.

Whatever your sales funnel looks like, though, the goal is to slowly nudge visitors from “mildly interested” to “ready to make a purchase”, informing and enticing them a little more every step of the way.

Ensure that Your Site is Easy to Navigate

One of the quickest ways to make visitors leave your site in a hurry is to design a site that is difficult to navigate. If you want to improve your CRO, the first and most important step is to ensure that your site makes it easy and intuitive to navigate from one page to the other.

A/B Test Your Website

Improving CRO is often a process of trial and error. By A/B testing every aspect of your site – from the images that you use to the CTAs that you use and everything in-between – you can incrementally hone your site into a sales-producing machine.

Take Your Sales to the Next Level With SEO and CRO

Leveraging SEO and CRO in-tandem is the quickest way to significantly boost your online sales. If you aren’t sure where to get started, though, we are able to help. At Bexi, we make use of the latest digital marketing strategies and technologies to significantly improve the SEO and CRO of our clients’ websites.

If you would like to learn more about how we are able to help you boost your sales through our industry-leading SEO and CRO services, feel free to contact us today.


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