New Marketing Tech & It’s Role in Awareness and Engagement

New Marketing Tech & It’s Role in Awareness and Engagement

Social media has had a profound effect on how we engage with fans, users, and influencers online. Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other platform, marketing technology is present that allows you to search for and communicate with users on the premise of raising awareness for your brand.

Without further ado, let’s take a deep dive into reviewing the latest marketing technologies that the top social media platforms utilize to keep users engaged and to allow brands to create meaningful conversations with the world around them.

Oculus VR and Facebook

Virtual reality (VR) has gone through many generations of attempted adoption with little mainstream success. It wasn’t until 2014 when social media platform Facebook acquired the VR technology company, Oculus VR for $2 billion that VR was yet again thrust into the global mainstream spotlight. Skeptics are on the fence as to the merits of a social media platform acquiring a VR solution due to its historical lack of enthusiasm for being adopted by consumers.

Nonetheless, skeptics are still estimating that the rate of adoption of VR will see a 1500% increase from now until 2020 with 82 million VR headsets being sold in 2020 alone.
Facebook is banking on this projection coming to fruition which is why they are focusing on the future with Oculus technology playing a central role in being the stepping stone that allows its users to socialize with their friends virtually, create immersive experiences for playing games, and much more.

If marketers wish to adopt this technology for their own brand, they must focus on actions that help them remain relevant without being gimmicky. Doing so may cause consumers to perceive the brand as being inauthentic which could be devastating to its reputation.

Facebook Live

The Facebook live feature was integrated into the social media platform in August of 2015 and has since been heavily used by brands and individuals on a massive scale. Recent research has shown that Facebook users consume more than 100 million hours of video content on Facebook with roughly 20% of videos on the platform being broadcast live.

Marketers should take heed to the fact that Facebook Live videos get 6 times more interactions than regular videos and that 80% of consumers would rather watch a live video stream from a brand than read a blog. With 80% of Internet traffic expected to be done via video content by2020, brands should outline a strategy for live video to keep up with the competition.

Using the feature doesn’t need to be rocket science, but it does need to be organized and staying away from being perceived as being too self-promotional. It’s suggested that if you should live for at least 10 minutes to help you build up a sizeable audience. Focus on keeping your video flowing from topic to topic seamlessly while concentrating on the social aspect of your live video to ensure that any unintentional dead air time isn’t filled by fluff.

Instagram Stories

Instagram has been an asset for marketers due to the rapidly growing community with baked features that keep them coming back such as Stories. Instagram Stories is a great tool for marketers wishing to demonstrate their brand’s authenticity through the personality reflected in its culture.

Since the Stories feature was rolled out on Instagram in late 2016, 60% of Instagram users have used the feature. In only about a year, Instagram Stories had amassed 300 million daily active users which dwarfs the amount of total daily active Snapchat users by over 100 million users.

Instagram’s Stories feature allows users to post content to followers to be live for 24 hours, after which the content disappears. Posting your brand’s content via Stories doesn’t always need to be super polished – it just needs to be genuine and original. Try to string together several images or videos into a single post when you advertise on Instagram Stories with the sound on as that is how 60% of users prefer to experience and interact with Stories content.


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