Marketing 101: How to build your Buyer Persona?

In Marketing, the term “buyer persona” refers to the accurate representations of a business’ ideal clients. When correctly developed, they are of great value for the marketing team as they help them understand their audience’s needs, and the content that will most likely draw more attention. In this infographic, we’ll help you understand all the variables and characteristics a well-rounded buyer persona should have to successfully implement them in your business.


A good name goes a long way. Naming your buyer persona makes it more human. It also makes it easier to understand, remember, and approach when building a marketing strategy just for him/her.


Here you’ll dive deep into the environment your buyer persona lives in as an individual. Age, gender, education, job, place of residence, income, just to name a few; can help you picture your ideal customer and the external factors that influence his/her spending habits. 


It is important to understand how your audience reacts to emotion-driven messages and what emotions you should target to obtain a positive response.

Pro-tip: To learn more about this, we suggest you conduct 1-on-1 interviews with your current clients to obtain a better grasp of their behavior.

Interests and Hobbies

A buyer persona’s interests can help you figure out the optimal time and place to reach them. This will make a marketing campaign channel selection a whole lot easier.

Objectives and Pain Points

A quality buyer persona must include the description of objectives and pain points related to the problems your business solves. This will help you define the messaging for your marketing campaign.

Why are buying personas relevant?

We will never get tired of saying it: in digital marketing content is king. But to discover what your content should be, it is important to understand your audience. Buyer personas are key elements within the early stages of any successful marketing campaign as they get rid of the “trial and error”. Bottom line: A well-built persona will help you save time and money when it comes to advertising your business.


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