Learn all about Ncrave Social Promo Facebook and more

Learn all about Ncrave Social Promo Facebook and more

Alright. You have an excellent product, a beautiful website, and great teamwork, but your message is not getting to people. Probably your social media campaign is not working.  

Nowadays, having a strategy for social promo is essential because it allows you to communicate better, develop a brand, get leads, close sales, and more.  

There’s no doubt about it: social networks are fundamental for your business or project. With this in mind, in its beginnings Facebook incorporated an application called Ncrave Social Promo to its store. Why is it so popular in the marketing field? Find out!

What is Ncrave Social Promo Facebook?

Ncrave Social Promo was an application for managing social media campaigns through Facebook. Its goal was to create ads and posts for social networks. It also offered analytics to optimize content and get better results.

The most attractive attribute of Ncrave Facebook was that no marketing, web design, coding skills, or creative advertising experience was required to use it. All it took was a few clicks to get a full campaign.  

How did Ncrave Facebook work?

The process was simple. First you had to create an account and a campaign. Then choose an objective, write a title, add information about your product or service, budget and schedule the ads.   

Next it was necessary to add the written or visual content for the ads, and finally choose the target audience. The campaign was ready once you clicked the “Save and Finish” button.

On the other hand, some of the benefits of Ncrave Facebook  included: 

  • Reach the target audience.
  • Quick and efficient creation of publications.
  • Campaign optimization thanks to the data analysis offered by the application.
  • Flexibility in the scheduling of publication calendars. 
  • It wasn’t necessary to pay a subscription or monthly rate. 


Online ads in a few clicks

Plan, design, and launch converting online ads with our app. No design, marketing, or coding experience required.

Well… no more Ncrave social Promo. And now what?

If you are looking for what happened to the application, it seems that there is no trace of its existence since 2016. However, today there are similar options with better proposals and results. 

The Bexi App is the perfect example

Bexi App proposes to make marketing knowledge accessible to everyone, so one of its objectives is to offer tools to carry out digital strategies focused on improving user experience, engage people, increase traffic and achieve brand recognition through social media ads. 

Bexi App manages advertising campaigns from planning, design and launch. Best of all? It’s completely free. 

We could say that Bexi App is a relative of Ncrave Social Promo Facebook, but  friendlier and modern. It’s an attractive alternative that generates faster and more effective results. 

Discover all the benefits of Bexi App

Get your bussiness goals with the Bexi App! We share with you some of its features. 

  • Create eye-catching ads with your company’s logo, colors and images. 
  • Launch unlimited creative campaignes. 
  • Get campaign information and analysis with easy-to-understand tools.  
  • Manage campaigns at any time. 

Would you like to know more about Bexi App? Check out all the benefits of using an ad generator platform.

Advantages of social promotion, and more tips

If you really want to generate interest in your audience, you should consider creating a solid strategy in social media.

Make the most of the fact that people are already surfing on Facebook, for example, to share your business vision and valuable information.

Don’t forget! Your campaign could include videos, images, or written content that invite people to know your project. There is no limit to creativity. 

Finally, we share with you five tips to begin your own social promo.

  1. Remember to create a plan for each social media. It is not the same as a post from Facebook, and a post on Instagram. People consume content in different ways.
  2. Organize your post publications through the calendar. You don’t want to be forgotten!
  3. Use keywords on your posts to optimize the content. 
  4. Interact with people and build your own community.   
  5. Use storytelling to work for you. Everybody loves stories. What is yours? 


Online ads in a few clicks

Plan, design, and launch converting online ads with our app. No design, marketing, or coding experience required.


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