Increase Brand Awareness: 4 Web Design Tips for Small Businesses

Increase Brand Awareness: 4 Web Design Tips for Small Businesses

In this day and age not having a website is not an option. Not only can a well-crafted site work as a standalone sales generator, but at its core it builds trust, increases brand awareness, and helps be competitive. That’s why today we dive into the best design practices every small business should follow to create a big website.

Web Design for Small Businesses

One might think that having a website requires a lot of time, money, and knowledge, but it’s the other way around. As technology advances, new tools arise that help businesses dip their toes into the digital world. We are not denying that the more sophisticated the site, the more knowledge one must have to see it come to life. But, there are many guidelines small businesses can follow to have an amazing website that helps them with attracting new customers.

If you are reading this chances are you understand the need of having a functional/appealing website. But if by any chance you are wondering: “How can a website communicate value?”. Think about it as the presentation card for your business.

Today’s consumers are more likely to research a brand or business before making a final decision. They value information, the feeling they are not being pushed towards a purchase. In fact, it is the other way around. Young consumers are after “the right choice” instead of just entering their credit card information into the first site they visit.

But, it is the business duty to take them into what we call “buyer’s journey”, and the only way to do it is through a website.


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How to create a competitive website?

Over the years there have been many “good practices” established by brands, professionals, and the market on what a website should or should not have, look like, or do. 

Having a great domain name

Even Though it is text, good web design starts with a domain name (or web address). It is the main point of entry to your business, make sure it complies with the following characteristics:

  • Easy to spell: Avoid using industry-specific terms, or slang as it may not be known by everybody. You want to make your web address as accessible as possible.
  • Keep it short: The shorter the URL, the better it can be typed from memory.
  • Use the right domain extension: We suggest our clients to purchase the “.com” extension as it is the most commonly known. If it isn’t available it is advisable to think of a new domain name.
  • Have a SEO friendly URL: If possible, add keywords (related to your business) to your address. It will help boost the rank.

Have a memorable interface

Good design pushes confidence into a consumer as it assures them they are buying from a trustworthy, professional, and established business. But leaving a long-lasting impression on your visitors goes beyond pretty colors and images. Websites should be seen as a combination of many elements that create a unique shopping experience. (I know, it is a mouthful, but bear with us.)

It sounds more complicated than it is. This is what a memorable interface should have:

  • Be easy to read

When choosing background and font colors make sure there’s enough contrast for an easy lecture. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to read the information.

As you can see, an easy lecture doesn’t mean a white background with a black font. You can add text to images, animations, and more. Just make sure everyone  can read it, regardless of the screen they are using.

  • Showcase your products

This tip is geared towards e-commerce sites. Online shopping should be easy and as instant as possible. Even if you don’t have as many products as you like, you can always use all the available space to showcase your products to entice the purchase.

This scented candle online store gets it. It may not provide a lot of choices but it does a great job showing their existing products. (Plus the shapes are fun to look at.)

  • Make sure they know you

Like I said, a website is the cornerstone of your online presence. But to take it up a notch it is important to look over Social Media territory. Posting regularly will make sure people “get you” faster and effortlessly. 

Add a Social Media plug-in to your website and start building a community!

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  • Make it easy to navigate

The second most frustrating thing about a bad website is not being able to find any page or relevant information with ease. That’s why we suggest you be mindful of how many pages your site has and how easy it is for the visitor to find the right information.

The Martin Building company does a great job as it shows, clear and simple, how many pages there are on their site and their names set expectations on what you’ll find in each one of them.


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FAQs about Web Design for Small Businesses:

  1. Why is accessibility important in web design?

    Accessibility tailors the experience to every single visitor that looks through your site. The more people that can view your site the more leads you will obtain. But to amass a bigger audience you need to include everyone: computer users, mobile, tablets, people with visual or hearing disabilities, and more.

  2. What is a CMS in Web Design?

    A content management system (CMS) is a software or application used to manage the digital content (text, pictures, videos, music, etc.) featured on your website. With the passage of time they've become easier to use and friendlier to all types of users. Although they are pretty similar, we suggest researching which one suits your needs better as there are subtle differences between all of them that can make or break your website.

  3. Is web design expensive?

    There isn’t a fixed price for a website. It all depends on the complexity of the site. For small businesses we suggest keeping it simple. There’s no need to invest a lot of money where there are inexpensive solutions that can deliver great results! 

If creating a website from scratch is too much to handle, don’t worry! We have amazing designers and web developers that will make your vision come to life. Read more about our affordable Web Design for Small Business.


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