How to set monthly budget in google ads

How to set monthly budget in google ads

Let me tell you the story of a former client, who hired us after exceeding their monthly budget 2x in a week…

This client had hired an intern with little to no experience on advertising on any platform. You call it, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tiktok – this intern had only ran a campaign on facebook for brand awareness. 

Anyway, the client asked him to create a traffic campaign through Facebook and a search campaign through Google. They gave him $50 daily for Facebook and $120 daily for Search. This would mean Facebook had a monthly total of $1,500 and a total of $3,600 for Google. 

When launching both campaigns all seemed fine. Facebook was giving tons of traffic at a super low cost and they were getting a bit more leads than they were expecting. A couple of weeks went by and both the intern and boss were happy. 

By the end of the month Facebook had spent $1,500 and results were nice looking. However, when writing the report for the Google campaign, he had spent $7,200 TOTAL. 

Even though the campaign has delivered a good amount of leads, no one was happy about doubling the budget for one month! How did this happen? And how did no one notice?? 

Well, the budget was set up to $210 daily instead of $120 🙃

Setting up the WRONG Google ads budget is a more common mistake than we’d like to admit. However, the greatest mistake here was not adding a spending limit on a Google Ads campaign!

Are you scared this will happen to you or your employee? 

We’ve got you covered!


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How to set Google Ads monthly budget

First things first – only users with Admin, Standard, or Billing access can edit the payment settings in the Google ads account. 

  1. Go to your google ad account and locate your campaign. 
  2. Hover the Tool Icon > Billing > Settings
  1. Find the monthly spend and click to edit
  1.  Write the maximum amount you’ve budgeted for your campaigns. You can edit this number at any time!
  2. Click on “Save“. Your new monthly budget will be reflected

Remember this is an ACCOUNT level budget. This means that it won’t matter if you have 1 or 4 campaigns running, as soon as the account reaches its limit, all campaigns will be paused. 

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How to set up a CAMPAIGN spend limit on Google Ads

This one is a bit tricky, but there is a way to cap out the max spend on a Campaign on Google Ads. 

  1. Create your campaign as usual
  2. In the budget section, add the daily budget – divide your total budget between the days your campaign will be live.
  3. Launch your campaign
  4. Once it’s live, go to the campaign settings and look for the start and end date
  1. Select the end date 
  2. Save your changes!

Other questions you may have

What is the Google Ads daily budget?

The Google Ads daily budget is an option in the creation of the campaign which allows you to manage the budget daily, instead of letting Google play with a total budget. When selecting the daily budget your campaign should not spend more than the amount daily. When selecting a monthly budget, Google will decide when to spend more or which days use less of the budget. 

What’s the best budget for google ads?

This is a very broad question as it totally depends on

  • Your advertising budget
  • How much your sales cost
  • What return on investment you want to have
  • How much experience you have using advertising tools
  • What is your expected result from the campaign

Even though there are many factors that you should consider, the Google Ads Calculator can help you give you an idea of what results you can expect from a certain amount of budget. 

There you have it! 

If you are having trouble following these steps, schedule a free call and we will help you set the budget for your company’s campaign! 


Search engine advertising

Stand out from your competition and promote your business on the top spots of Google’s search results.


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