How to Repost on Instagram to Boost Your Engagement

How to Repost on Instagram to Boost Your Engagement

How to Repost on Instagram?

Although there is no official tool within Instagram to repost content on your own profile, there are several tricks and apps that can help you capitalize on user generated content. You can do the following:

  • Repost for Instagram
  • Take an old fashioned screenshot on device

Note: Although sharing digital content is as easy as “copying and pasting” a picture, a text, or a video. It is a good digital etiquette to give credit where credit is due. This means that if you are using the content of another account you should always tag them. Getting caught not doing so could hurt your brand’s credibility and can be pursued as copyright infringement.


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Why should you repost on Instagram?

Creating high-quality content for Social Media takes effort, time and money. If your business is a one-man-show then reposting can be a great strategy to better your engagement.

Studies have shown that user-generated content (USG) performs better and holds more influence in buying decisions than branded content. 

In the eyes of a potential customer, a current customer expressing their love for a specific product or service is worth more than a company saying how great they are. 

Method 1: Best Repost App for Instagram

The first method we are going to cover is using an app called “Repost” as it is one of the most popular platforms to share third party content on your Instagram profile.

Step 1: Download the App

Repost: For Instagram is available for iOS and Android devices alike. The app seamlessly pairs with your Instagram account so you can share content from other users directly on your mobile device.

Protip: This app has video tutorials that will guide you step by step on reposting different types of instagram content: from traditional posts, to stories, and even reels.

Step 2: Browse Instagram

Open up Instagram and find a photo or video that you think your followers would like. Tap the three dots on the upper right corner and copy the post’s link. (Make sure you are looking at one picture or video only)

If done successfully, you’ll see a green rectangle at the bottom of your screen that will confirm the link has been copied to your clipboard.

Step 3: Open Repost: For Instagram

Repost will automatically recognize there’s an Instagram link on your clipboard and will import it into the app. It looks like this:


Tap the copied post to be taken to an editor where you can choose how you want to repost it. Repost: For Instagram is great because it helps you share content in multiple ways whilst keeping the attribution mark.

The attribution mark will display who posted the content originally, which is great for building great relationships not only with your followers but accounts you admire. Imagine Nike shares one of your Instagram pictures on their feed and gives you full credit. How would you feel? On top of the world right?

Once you are happy with how the image looks, press “Share”

Then you will be taken to Instagram where you’ll be able to choose how to repost the picture. 

Method 2: Taking a Screenshot

Like we said at the beginning, resharing content online is as easy as taking a screenshot as uploading it on your profile. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that someone dedicated time and effort in creating the content you are sharing and he or she should be given its credit. 

Protip: Before doing an instagram repost for free, big brands reach out via DMs to the Original Poster (OP) to get the permission to post the picture. We suggest you do the same. 

Now, back on track. Reposting instagram content using a screenshot has its own pros and cons:

There’s no watermark added to the content.It works with still images only.
It can be done on any device from a mobile phone to a PC without needing third party apps.Anyone can do it.
The screenshot can be uploaded from your media library in less than 3 taps.Some devices take screenshots on a smaller resolution which results in a low quality post.

Once you have the screenshot saved on your device, enter Instagram and upload it to your profile. Oh and don’t forget to tag “@” OP.


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Custom tailored strategies built around your objectives, budget, and deployed in record time.

How to see who reposted your post on Instagram?

There’s no notification that says: “John Doe reposted your picture” or “Jane Doe shared your reel”. Nonetheless, if someone reposts your content on their own profile and tags you as the content creator you’ll know who’s looking at your profile and liking it. 

We suggest reaching out to those that like your content and most importantly, those whose content you like. Building a strong community backed by the same interests and goals is the best way to grow your Instagram profile with followers that will be with you until the end of time.

Now, this may take a while but don’t worry. There are multiple ways to boost your content and make it more discoverable. At Bexi we specialize in helping you reach potential customers with meaningful content that strikes a conversation and generates a unique buying experience. Learn more about what we do.


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