How to make a YouTube thumbnail that will drive more views

How to make a YouTube thumbnail that will drive more views

Let’s get something clear: video is on almost every marketer’s radar. Putting it on numbers: 69% of marketers say their video-marketing budget is increasing and marketers who use videos boost their revenue 49% faster than those who don’t.

Facebook’s video view count is skyrocketing every single day. Why? Because people process an image or video 60,000 times faster than they do text, that’s it a picture or video is literally worth 60,000 words.

More and more people want to watch a video instead of reading text. That’s why, If you want your conversions to increase (and you do!), you need to diversify your strategy. You can’t just run ads anymore. 

And there’s no better place to step up your game than on YouTube. YouTube isn’t the only platform to use for video marketing, but its audience is the leader when it comes to landing sales and customers.

There are more than 1.3 billion people who use YouTube. And almost 5 billion videos are watched daily. Also, YouTube has the best post-click engagement of any social media platform: 

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YouTube also has the lowest bounce rate after a click-through to your site and has the highest average time on site and pages per visit. In fact, YouTube accounts for the majority of mobile web traffic!

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This means that if you want to reach a massive audience and build your brand, YouTube is the place to be. Now, you might be asking yourself where to start? We’ll tell you: Thumbnails. 

What are Youtube Thumbnails?

Thumbnails are basically like your meta description headlines in a typical search on Google. And YouTube is a search engine. So, when a user searches keywords, they get results based on those queries.

But how to make a youtube thumbnail for YouTube? Well, we got you covered…

4 best YouTube thumbnail tips to improve your engagement and achieve a successful video campaign

Tip #1: Customize your Thumbnails

Customizing your thumbnails is so important. In fact, creating custom thumbnails can increase your engagement by 154%.

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So using a compelling thumbnail should be your first step when trying to drive engagement and sales through YouTube videos. You want to target specific keywords to show up. In fact, the YouTube Creator Academy said that 90% of the best-performing videos on their platform have a custom thumbnail.

ProTip: You don’t have to be an expert designer to create engaging thumbnails. There are many free YouTube thumbnail makers online with tons of templates to choose from.

Tip #2 Excitement and expectations

The best YouTube thumbnails attract attention to the video and fill the user in on what they can expect.

But remember: if the content of your thumbnail does not follow-through on the actual video, you can expect a big downfall on viewership and audience trust. This is what we can “clickbait”

Here are a few examples of thumbnails that are doing it right!

Tip #3 Consistency

Consistent branding is one of the best ways to create a custom thumbnail. It allows you to stand out from the crowd easily and helps your audience recognize your brand.

Use the same consistent colors and branding. Even the same general message! The result is that searchers will instantly recognize your content.

Take a look at these examples, especially at the fonts and colors used.

Tip #4 YouTube Thumbnail Size

You wouldn’t post on your social media a post with a blurry or low-quality image, right? The same applies to your videos, an old custom image won’t do it. They need to be high resolution.

YouTube’s thumbnail size, according to Google, is 1280 x 720 pixels. I recommend you to start with an image that’s already larger than those sizes; that way, if you do have to crop or resize anything, you won’t lose image quality in the process.

To sum up

Concluding, if you want to drive more sales, consider prioritizing video; they can help you build a loyal following that engages and interacts with CTAs. And they work. Focus on making high-quality custom thumbnails, keep your videos consistent, and be sure to always use a CTA to drive traffic back to your site and convert those leads.


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