How To Improve Your Ads on Facebook

How To Improve Your Ads on Facebook

If you are investing time and money in marketing campaigns for Facebook, you should be looking at increasing conversion rates. Here is why:

Conversion Rates are one of the most important metrics social marketers track on Facebook; they refer to the point at which a user converts from being a browser to a buyer. Therefore, a good conversion rate is one of the best indicators of success and is key to delivering a strong ROI.

That is why conversions should be a top priority for your marketing and social media teams. 

Facebook ranks as the number one social media site for driving conversions, which makes creating effective Facebook ads all the more important. 

Here are 5 tips to improve your Facebook ads for a successful social media campaign:

1- Define what you want

There are many types of conversions, from increasing newsletter subscriptions to shoppers adding products to a wish list. So, the first thing you want to do is to identify what action you want people to take. For example, Facebook supports: view content, add to wishlist, initiate checkout, and purchase; you can also create custom conversion events if you have other goals in mind.

Create separate ads for each goal, consider where these goals fit into the consumer journey, and target accordingly.

2 – Keep your copy short and sweet

Keep it personal. Using personal pronouns like “you” and “your” suggest a relationship between your brand and your audience, making your posts more effective.

Keep it simple. Speak in your audience’s language, not in a technical formula no one will understand.

Keep it brief. Too much text can be intimidating, so focus on the essentials and erase the rest. 

3 – Be direct

A strong call to action is essential. For example, if your conversion goal is to have users visit a product page or learn about your company, strong verbs like start, discover, find, and explore are great; if your goal is to drive purchases or subscriptions, use phrases like “buy now” or “sign up.”

4- Visuals matter

Use eye-catching imagery on your posts, this will increase greatly the chances of a user landing on your ad.

  • Don’t overload images with text. Instead of crowding visuals with text, consider moving the copy to the designated text area. 
  • Size accordingly. Make sure your assets meet the right size specifications, you don’t want low-res visuals reflecting poorly on your brand.
  • Use GIFs or videos. To catch users’ attention. 

5 – Choose the right ad format

Depending on your campaign goals, certain Facebook ad formats may serve your needs better than others. Here are some examples for you to consider when choosing the right format:

  • Carousel and collection ads are ideal when you have multiple products or various features to highlight.
  • Facebook Offer Ads allow you to broadcast special deals or discounts you may use as purchase incentives. If someone visits the ad, Facebook will send notifications reminding them to redeem.
  • Facebook Canvas ads are best suited for high-impact visuals and experiences that live well on full screen.

I hope these short tips can help you step up on your social media marketing game and remember: keep the experience clear, direct, and consistent at all times.


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