Email Marketing Templates – The Enemy of Differentiation

Email Marketing Templates – The Enemy of Differentiation

Nearly 47 years ago, back in October of 1971, the first email was sent. The growing popularity of the world-wide web in the 1990s drove the public adoption of sending emails and revolutionized the way we communicate with others.

With retail businesses transitioning from brick and mortar to e-commerce in recent years, there has been more of a focus on finding ways to engage with and retain customers above and beyond your website.

Email marketing can be this engagement and retention tool if you can efficiently formulate effective templates that help you differentiate your email content and design from your competition without sacrificing your team’s productivity in the process.

Email Marketing

Nearly 80% of the more than 325 million Americans check their email every day. If everyone in the U.S. were on your mailing list that would mean more than 260 million unique people would see your emails. With an overall average of 18.16% open rate across all industries, that equates to 47.2 million people. After that, only 7.77% of readers will click through your links which leaves you with 3.67 million unique potential website visitors from your emails which would be roughly 11.3% of your original list of 325 million.

Taking the steps towards personalizing your email content from your headlines to your offers and even your CTAs is what will set you apart from the sea of companies that pummel readers with generic emails that frustrate them to no end.

Finding the sweet spot frequency for how often you send you emails is paramount to maintaining the attention of your readers without annoying them. The idea behind your email marketing campaign is to get people to engage further with your brand via re-visiting your website for more information on what is featured in your emails. Your email templates should be designed around a single message with zones that focus on a clear function for readers to easily engage with.

The tone of your email content should not have an unnecessary copy or possess an overly technical language that might be misinterpreted as being pretentious or not be understood by your audience at all. Keep it simple and stick to effective design strategies to help you stay out of spam folders.

Content and Design in Templates

Welcome emails and transactional emails should comprise the largest fragment of your email marketing strategy. Welcome emails average more than four times the open rates and five times as many click-throughs as scheduled business emails whereas open and click rates for transactional emails average 114% as many people open and click these types of emails multiple times after receipt.

Using the right email template that is optimized for the right occasion (and the right platform) is essential if you plan to continue your current rate of engagement with your customers. Since 66% of all readers open emails via their mobile device, optimizing your email templates for mobile will keep them away from being deleted by 80% of readers.

With 64% of mobile emails opened being read by readers who spend less than 7 seconds viewing the email, you can see the importance of keeping your mobile-friendly emails scannable. Continually re-designing and optimizing your headlines and offers based on your audience cohorts allows you to learn more about your customers’ needs to help in providing them with even better content in the future.

Keep the content of your email designs fresh, relevant and engaging by adding personalized imagery and taglines that appeal to the reader, fit your brand, and help you convert exponentially higher than industry averages.

If your brand is bold, then your color scheme and email template design should mirror that in a cohesive fashion; this can help raise brand identification by 80%. Try leveraging whitespace in your email template and place you CTA button away from other elements in the email to keep readers from getting anxious and being too distracted from your end goal.

Incorporating a well-structured, grid layout will give your emails a seamless flow that will help you draw your readers’ attention to important elements in your email without overwhelming them with copious details.

In the end, standing out in your readers’ inbox requires constant devotion to building quality email marketing templates that fit a purpose and are built on the backbone of clarity, simplicity, and substance.

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