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Bexi worked with DayTwo, a global healthcare company that helps its clients live a better life through smart / personalized diets.

DayTwo needed more than a traditional development shop partner. They needed a company able to take every single one of DayTwo ’s personas through a unique customer journey with memorable experiences across multiple channels.

What we did

Web Design, Art Direction, Digital Marketing, Collaterals, Social Media Ads. With a multi-platform marketing campaign using Marketo to skyrocket DayTwo’s online presence through customizable templates and an engaging website.

The Challenge:

Digital marketing strategies were not yielding the results they wanted, they were having a bad time positioning themselves on the minds of healthcare workers.

It was clear DayTwo needed a strategic partner to develop a fully integrated marketing platform.

The keywords:
energy, simplicity, humanity.

Elements of style, the building blocks of a brand

DayTwo’s style guide makes sure its identity – logo, colors, typefaces, icons, shapes, and every single detail – will continue to shine consistently throughout different channels; from a business card to a billboard ad.

Say cheese!
Brand photography

Imagery for DayTwo

Photos play a major role in bringing DayTwo to life. The brand’s style features life-style ideas that communicate joyfulness by capturing healthy people enjoying the freedom and empowerment that only DayTwo is capable of providing.

All photos should be color and not black and white..

A new digital experience.

DayTwo’s new website provides the user a unique experience with relatable content that addresses their pain points offering solutions on every step of the journey to incite conversions.

The best companies choose Bexi

“We were thrilled to work with Bexi on our website redesign. We knew it would be a challenge to pull off a new digital marketing strategy on a such a short timeline but the process the Bexi team led was very efficient and extremely collaborative. It felt like one team working toward the same goal and we couldn’t be happier with the result!”


— CEO, Co-Founder of DayTwo


Custom marketing & strategy solutions tailored to your needs.

At Bexi, we empower companies of every size to achieve their business goals by developing superior digital experiences that get results and deliver ROI.


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