The all in one game changer for the construction industry.

Accufy is an AI-driven software that automates estimations and enables collaboration across construction teams, allowing them to get a complete estimation project with accurate data, quickly and painlessly.

To simplify the life of construction companies. We want to help them to be more efficient and accurate at the time of making construction bids, so they can become more profitable and work smarter.

We make it simple, easy and based on data.

What we did

Strategy, Naming, Branding, Web Design, Art Direction, Photography, Tone of Voice, Product, UX, Marketing Material. These Brand Standards will help us work with the brand consistently business segments.

The Challenge:

Thinking of a master plan, strategy first.

Listening to the people who created, sold and used the product helped us define a direction for what would become the new brand.

The keywords:
energy, simplicity, humanity.

Elements of style, the building blocks of a brand

FreeAgent style guide makes sure its robust identity — logo, colors, typefaces, icons, shapes, and all the other little things — will continue to shine through consistently in every situation, from business card to billboard ad.

Say cheese!
Brand photography

Visuals of Accufy

The brand imagery creation involves the use of photography in combination with our graphic elements such as the Accufy hegaxon. Our photo style is a balance between construction, architecture and workers, with an aspirational and empowerment vibes.

All photos should be color and not black and white. Also can be used with cutouts and shape masked with the Accufy hexagon, with or without solid color background.

The Accufy platform

Because it involves so many elements, in this case and app is the main distillation of a brand. For Accufy app prototype we created several different content modules and UI animations for the in-house team to work with.

The best companies choose Bexi

“We were thrilled to work with Bexi on our rebrand. We knew it would be a challenge to pull off a name change and new visual identity on a such a short timeline but the process the Bexi team led was very efficient and extremely collaborative. It felt like one team working toward the same goal and we couldn’t be happier with the result!”


— CEO at Accufy


Custom marketing & strategy solutions tailored to your needs.

At Bexi, we empower companies of every size to achieve their business goals by developing superior digital experiences that get results and deliver ROI.


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