Boosting Your Content Strategy With Infographics

Boosting Your Content Strategy With Infographics

When most people think of content marketing, written words on white space is the only thing that comes to mind. In reality, though, content marketing is much broader than this, and written content isn’t the only type of content in your content marketing arsenal. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at infographics as a sales tool in your content strategy and how this special type of content can help generate more conversions.

What are Infographics?

Before we begin discussing how and why infographics are so beneficial, it’s important to define what they are. Infographics are a mix of visual design and written content. They present key data in a way that is quick and easy to digest, making them ideal for communicating more complex information in an era where the average attention span is incredibly short. You can think of infographics as a sort of visual shorthand, combining both images and text in order to communicate a message in the most efficient way possible.

The Content Marketing Benefits of Infographics

When done right, infographics can serve as a highly effective sales tool, boosting your content marketing strategy in a number of key ways. Just a few of the key content marketing benefits of infographics include:

Infographics are Visually Compelling

Human beings are visual creatures by nature, and nothing captures our attention better than visually compelling content. Well-designed infographics are digital works of art and make for a very visually compelling addition to the content on your website or blog. If you want to capture a visitor’s attention right from the start, presenting them with an attractive infographic is a great way to do it.

Infographics can go Viral

It’s certainly possible to write a blog post that goes viral, and businesses do it all the time. However, visual content is shared much more frequently on social media than content that consists only of written text. For this reason, a blog post that includes a well-designed infographic is a lot more likely to go viral than one that does not. You can even promote the infographic itself by sharing it on your social media profiles for an even greater chance of going viral.

While going viral is certainly not the only goal of content marketing, the increased possibility of having your content shared across the internet is an appealing allure of infographics.

Infographics Establish You as an Authority in Your Field

Building trust and authority is one of the most important objectives of content marketing, and infographics go a long way toward establishing you as an authority in your field. Great infographics are both well-designed and chock-full of useful stats and information.

They take a lot of time, knowledge, and research to produce, and not many companies make use of them compared to the number of companies generating written content on a regular basis.

For these reasons, infographics are seen as a symbol of professionalism and authority, helping establish consumer trust in your brand – and when customers see you as an authority in your field, they are a lot more likely to purchase from you.

Infographics are Easily Scannable

How do you communicate key information in an era where so few people are willing to commit the amount of time that it takes to read an entire blog post? This is one of the biggest challenges facing content marketers in 2019. Using infographics as a part of your content strategy, though, can certainly help you overcome this challenge.

Infographics are easily scannable, communicating important information in a form of visual shorthand that takes only a few seconds to digest. If you want to ensure that you are getting your most important messages across in the era of short attention spans, using infographics is an excellent strategy to consider.

Infographics can Easily Communicate Complex Messages

If you have a lot of complex data and information to communicate, finding a way to communicate it that isn’t overwhelming to your visitors can be a real challenge. The beauty of infographics, though, is that they break down complex data into an easy-to-understand format.

It’s possible to communicate everything that an infographic communicates using only written text. With an infographic, however, you will have a much better chance of ensuring that your audience fully understands what it is that you are trying to tell them.

Get Started Incorporating Infographics into Your Content Strategy

There’s no denying that infographics are a powerful addition to your content marketing strategy. However, there’s also no denying that high-quality infographics can be difficult to produce. Creating great infographics requires a high degree of both design and marketing skills.

They certainly are not as simple to create as a blog post – which is by no means a simple task – and many companies never put in the effort required to take full advantage of all that infographics have to offer. All that this means, though, is that infographics give you the opportunity to go above and beyond what your competitors are doing with their content strategy.

At Bexi, creating exceptional infographics is one of the many specialties of our expert design and marketing teams. If you would like to incorporate infographics into your content marketing strategy but aren’t sure where to start, we would love to help.

To learn more about how the design and marketing experts at Bexi can help you take full advantage of all the benefits that infographics have to offer, feel free to contact us today!


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