Best HealthTech Marketing Strategies

Best HealthTech Marketing Strategies

In recent years, the healthcare industry has looked for ways to provide multiple patient-care centered services through emerging technologies such as Smartphone Apps, Augmented Reality, AI, and more. This has spawned a new branch within the medical field called: “HealthTech”. But with these types of companies fighting over their market share, it is important for them to get an edge over their competitors. That’s why we’ve decided to investigate how healthcare technology marketing works and how to effectively promote it.

What is a healthtech company?

So, like we said above, “healthtech” is a hybrid where technology and medical services merge to provide diagnosis, healthchecks, monitoring, diets, and everything related to the wellbeing of a person (and even a pet) through solutions like cloud computing, internet services and social mobility.

Experts in venture capital such as Pitchbook mention that healthtech is the fastest growing vertical within the healthcare sector as it delivers quality care at home whilst decreasing costs. Now more than ever, with  the unprecedented global crisis COVID-19 generated these couple of years, the government and businesses relied on virtual care delivery and worked to come up with innovations across the industry as a whole.

So, it is safe to say that a healthtech company provides healthcare through technology.

HealthTech Marketing

The main challenge HealthTech companies face today is the evangelization of an emerging technology. Today’s consumer is wired to satisfy their healthcare needs face to face with a provider (doctors, hospitals, nurses, etc.). Companies in this industry need to gain the public’s trust if they want to be successful, this is where us marketers come in.

Another challenge is that the healthcare industry is one of the most heavily regulated when it comes to advertising and marketing (as it should be, there are lifes on the line). It is important to be careful when developing content marketing for healthtech companies. One mistake could be the end of it.

With that in mind let’s take a look at the 5 best marketing strategies for Healthtech companies.

Building a Community on Social Media

Yes, healthtech companies are closing the gap between healthcare and final consumers but to gain the trust of the public it is important to establish meaningful relationships and conversations with people interested in the product or service. 

Many patient-centered companies across the world are using social media to reach out to potential users and use the tools sites such as Facebook and Instagram provide to clear any doubts and uncertainties.

But that’s not all, who do you think an average user will trust more? A company or a doctor? We suggest you target not only potential patients, but doctors as well. Make them an active part of your community and they’ll be the first ones to recommend your company.

Focusing on User Experience

Nothing is more frustrating than an app or website not living up to its promise. This is why up and coming healthtech companies cannot be overly complicated and must have a comprehensive branding strategy across their multiple touchpoints. You can retain 89% of the customers by integrating branding and messaging to nudge customers down the sales funnel.

User Experience is more than a responsive design or a compelling copy. For us experienced marketers it is about how easy it is for a lead to convert into a user. The less clicks, the less words, the less steps to take, the less irrelevant content, the better.

Showcase your Success Stories with Case Studies

Businesses use case studies to persuade prospective customers by showing how they solved a problem similar to theirs. According to a 2020 report by Hubspot, case studies are the fifth most popular marketing collateral in a content strategy.

Make sure to organize them however your potential user might be looking for them. We suggest categorizing them by outcomes as today’s consumers are looking for solutions to their pain points. In addition, make sure to tell a story and avoid sounding to salesly.

Write blogs that answer questions

It is widely known that on the internet “content is king” as it creates three times more leads. But what type of content exactly? For healthtech companies looking to improve their users’ lifestyle we recommend creating blog posts that are engaging, relevant, and jargon-free. 

One example we like the most is the Mayo Clinic blog site. Their content strategy is quite aggressive actually as they’ve written blog entries about the most “googled” medical terms. This has enabled them to position themselves as the top result in many popular searches driving huge amounts of traffic into their website.

Hire influencers

Again, when it comes to credibility a message is more effective when it comes from someone potential users know and empathize with. A new company needs to build their reputation from the ground up and that (usually) takes a long time. Luckily, social media influencers can be hired to be the spokesperson of a brand to avoid investing a lot of time and money in a “brand awareness campaign”.

As brand ambassadors, influencers can show people the benefits of your service in a way that resonates with a specific audience.

But how can you make sure you hired the right influencer? Analyze their content and their followers. Is this influencer a good representation for my brand? Are his/her followers my target audience? 

We’ve mentioned in the past how today’s brands have goals, dreams, desires, and fears just like a living person would. Try to imagine: if my company was a person, what would it look like? Once you have it figured out, find an influencer with the same physical and personality characteristics.

In conclusion

These are just a few of the many marketing strategies that can be developed for Healthtech companies. For us, the main takeaway is that brands focusing on this industry need to build trust because consumers are used to face-to-face interactions when it comes to their health and well-being. Show that your product or service provides value and you’ll be one step ahead from the competition.


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