Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

10 Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing

When it comes to making our lives easier, us marketers love to use Chrome Extensions to get the job done faster and more efficiently. 

That’s why today, we want to share the happiness with you! 

Here are our 10 favorite chrome extensions that help us on a daily basis working with clients, developing creative strategies and evaluating our performance. If you are a digital marketer, these are a must.

1. Best Link Shortening Extension:

Our first pick is for those that are tired of sharing long URLs that intimidate the reader. Ideal for customizing URLs and creating QR codes, will become your go-to chrome extension if you are a copywriter, content manager, or social media manager looking to make your posts more attractive and appealing to the reader.

2. Best Extension to Post on Social Media: Buffer

If you ever managed a Social Media account, then you understand the tedious process of posting new content. Fortunately, Buffer’s chrome extension can help you share anything with your followers in just a few clicks. It also lets you schedule posts and see your metrics to analyze performance.

3. Best Color Picker: Colorzilla

For web developers and designers alike, Colorzilla’s extension lets you pick any color off of a website. It gives you the color number for future use and the ability to quickly copy and paste it onto any Photoshop or design-focused software with ease.

4. Best File Sharing Extension: Pushbullet

Oftentimes, us marketers are swimming (or drowning) on a sea of files. Between changes, new versions, and client’s requests; it is easy to send the wrong one. But not anymore, with Pushbullet you’ll be able to send any type of file between devices in a matter of seconds. No more sending emails with limited attachments.

5. Best Extension for SEO Research: Mozbar

Create custom SEO searches to help you increase the effectiveness of your organic search strategy. Mozbar allows you to filter search results across multiple variables such as: search engines, location, language, and keywords.

6. Best Extension to Avoid Writer’s Block: Wordtune

A powerful writing tool that can read your writing and makes the necessary adjustments to make your texts more clear, compelling, and original. This AI-powered extension copywriters can increase their productivity as it helps them write better.

7. Best Extensions to Create Hashtags: TagRite

One of the biggest challenges the social media team faces is choosing the right hashtags for their content. But TagRite is a Chrome Extension that automatically finds the best tags for any social media channel. This tool will help you increase visibility and drive more traffic to your content, give it a try!

8. Best Extension for Fonts: Whatfont

Just as there are many colors out in the wild, there’s an equal amount of fonts to go along with them. Whatfont is a Google Extension that allows you to analyze the typography used on a website and save it for later use.

9. Best Data Collection Extension: Web Scraper

Web Scraper empowers  you to collect data from any website on one go. No more right-clicking and then saving, with this extension you can save: text, links, pop-ups, images, tables, code, and more from any website in just a couple of clicks.

10. Best SERP Extension: SERP Counter

Find out automatically in which position your website ranks within Google’s search results. This is a great tool for SEO’ers that are constantly comparing their site performance against the competitors. A must if you are looking to dive deep into your brand’s search engine optimization.

And there you go! These are our top 10 Google Chrome Extensions. It was a difficult task because we use a lot on a daily basis. What do you think? Found anything useful? Let us know! 


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