Benefits of Using an Ad Generator Platform

Benefits of Using an Ad Generator Platform

As Digital Marketing becomes more and more accessible to everyone, inexperienced entrepreneurs and small business owners dabble with the tools and technologies available to everyone. This might be a double edged sword as it can solidify or completely shatter your trust in online advertising.

Yes, creating an online campaign is easier than ever. Nonetheless, there are many aspects of it that require knowledge in multiple areas such as: design, copywriting, and overall marketing. Without professional help, you might end up wasting your time and money in many trial and error runs until you hit a bullseye.

But how can you avoid this?

Over the years many companies have developed ad platforms that help non-marketers speed up their campaign launching process with smart designs and copy to make sure the ad works.


Online ads in a few clicks

Plan, design, and launch converting online ads with our app. No design, marketing, or coding experience required.

What are ad generator platforms?

They are online services that help businesses design and launch marketing campaigns faster. Most of them are fairly simple and do not require any marketing knowledge to use. The only thing they need is to understand your objectives, business, and target audience.

There are all-around platforms that do everything from scratch or more specialized ones that specifically help in different stages of the process. 

Ads Template Platform

Great design goes a long way. Not only reinforces your brand identity and generates trust, but for online advertising it is how you capture your audience’s attention. In other words, how your ad looks should not be taken lightly. 

Now, many businesses cannot afford a designer so they choose online ad template generators to satisfy their design needs. Most of them are easier to use and are friendlier to newcomers. 

We suggest choosing a platform that automatically generates designs based on your needs and objectives. Yes, you can try using online design tools but at the end of the day you would’ve spent time and effort.

Ad Management Platform

So your campaign is up and running, great! But that’s just half of the story. Successful ad campaigns require constant monitoring to guarantee the best results. We are not saying you should be on top of it 24/7, but if your ads are not performing it is your duty to discover why and fix it.

Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and basically every social network has its own campaign page where you can check its performance. If you are running ads on multiple platforms it is most likely you’ll need to jump  between pages which can be extremely annoying and confusing.

That’s why there are ad management platforms capable of being paired with your Social Media Pages to control all of your campaigns from one page. See it as your headquarters.

Which ad types are available on social media platforms?

Another thing to be on the lookout for when choosing an ad platform is versatility. What do we mean by this?

There are many formats of online ads, from static to animated, horizontal, vertical, square, as albums, interactive, and the list goes on and on… Each one of them serves their own purpose depending on your campaign objective.

Let’s say that for your campaign a video ad will perform better than a simple image. But oh no! The platform you chose only works with images and has no video capabilities. It is important to have a complete set of tools available to not hinder the results.

Before choosing a platform, test it out and make sure it has all you need to create the best set of ads.


Online ads in a few clicks

Plan, design, and launch converting online ads with our app. No design, marketing, or coding experience required.

To conclude…

There are many tools and platforms available for you to dip your toes in this crazy ocean we call marketing. But what could be a positive experience might go the other way if you were to choose an online platform that does not meet your needs.

Think on your objectives, capabilities, and target audience, analyze them and then choose based on your findings. 

If you still haven’t found a platform that meets your needs, allow us to introduce ourselves.

At Bexi we want to make marketing accessible to everyone, that’s why we developed an online FREE ad campaign platform capable of helping you launch complete sets of ads in just a few clicks. 

What do we mean by this?

You just need to tell us what you are trying to achieve, who’s your audience, how many ads you want, and we’ll take care of the rest. In a few minutes you’ll have a set of unique ads compatible with social media platforms.


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