AI in UI. New Role of Artificial Intelligence in User Interface

The Role Of AI In UX Design: Computers Will Be Designers’ Apprentices

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been enter-twined in nearly every facet of our lives. It has been reported that by no later than 2030, AI will be directly responsible for generating upwards of $15 trillion to the global economy. The technology has been integrated in everything from smart cars to virtual assistants and it’s picking up speed as developers and designers continue to understand its capabilities.

Whereas traditional user interfaces (UIs) are designed to become simplified and ambient background templates, AI UIs can be automated to be designed based on intricate data gained through day-to-day user interactions.To fully unlock AIs value in UI design, organizations must focus on using a human-centric perspective to design. Rome wasn’t built in a day; and it didn’t last for as many centuries as it did without consistent tweaking to its structure (code).

With that in mind, let’s discuss the role of AI in UI design and how designers can use AI to their advantage to streamline processes and become more productive in their focus on building UIs that users will appreciate.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI can provide organizations with necessary context for user behavior to ensure that designers can make sense out of seemingly random user actions. It can find new ways to solve real-world problems by giving customers and employees opportunities to interact with it in real-time. As AI solutions are being configured, designers can study these interactions to better understand its thought process in configuring those solutions.

The AI’s intelligent and unbiased perspective can create new, faster, better, more efficient ways to perform daily tasks while allowing designers to understand the nature of algorithmic learning and decision-making. Being a fly on the wall of AI solution development allows designers the ability to inject additional value and shift the public perception of AI as a tool that makes decisions that no one can understand into one that can help shape our futures to be more efficient and effective in our UI designs.


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AI in User Interface (UI) Design

AI solutions (just as the mighty Roman Empire) can’t be developed overnight. It takes careful nurturing by a developer and design team who combine their expertise to analyze how users perceive and respond to design elements. Through these interactions, both teams can dictate the direction of functional aspects of the UI to the AI solution. Incorporating AI into a UI gives the system a massive boost in the capacity to analyze, process, and make efficient use of user data to meet the goals integrated by your teams.

If nurtured properly, AI can strike a balance between creating complex and impersonal computer-based design and simple yet human-centric design from your design team. Once a cohesive balance has been achieved between human and AI solutions, designers can free up exponentially more of their time for high-level UI strategy.

Rather than spending copious time searching for the perfect design resource(s) through databases, and AI solution can perform that task more efficiently through stored design concepts. This will allow designers to create a better and personalized experience for users without being bogged down with the day-to-day minutiae.

Wrap Up

AI solutions developed specifically to handle UI design processes need to be focused on developing interfaces with user-first principles in mind. AI solutions should not be thought of as the precursor to replacing designers.

For AI to be truly effective, it must be adopted by people. Its success is driven by mediating human and technology responses to reach a middle ground that allows the UI design to be user-friendly without infringing upon the stylistic and idealistic direction of the organization’s brand.


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