7 Tips to Boost Your SEO Strategy

7 Tips to Boost Your SEO Strategy

SEO is constantly changing — and your SEO strategies are going to have to change with it. 2019 is going to see a rise of personalization, mobile technology, and longer, higher quality content. Here are just a few of the most important tips you’ll need to keep your content fresh and relevant.

1. Make Sure You Account for Mobile

Mobile searching now takes up the majority of internet browsing — and that number is growing. Search engines will promote websites that have the cleanest mobile experience. Additionally, the way that users search on mobile has changed the way that search results are represented.

Search engine results pages are now shorter, with users usually looking for their answer within the first few links. Mobile searches are also automatically geo-targeted and often tailored to a user’s background, which makes building buyer personas and tailoring your content more important.

2. Create Longer, Higher Quality Content

Lengthier content is now becoming the norm, with many pieces of content falling between 1,000 to 1,500 words. Longer, higher quality content can become content pillars, and are more likely to be found through search engines and shared on social media. Shorter, briefer content is now better suited for social media posts.

3. Present Answers to Common Questions

Understanding how users search on Google is the key to understanding how to reach them. Users are now asking their mobile devices questions such as, “Are there any dog groomers in my area?” or “How do I build a deck?” Answering questions for users is one of the easiest ways to draw them in, provided that you have the high-quality content to keep them there.

4. Get in those Back Links

Backlinks are how your site builds authority. In fact, some SEO strategists create a content network specifically so that all of their sites can cross-link to each other. Getting links from high authority sites is one of the major ways you can promote the popularity of your own site.

5. Integrate Your Social Media

Social media has a very close link with search engine optimization. The more popular and shared your site is the higher its authority will grow, and the more visible it will be in terms of SEO. Make sure your social media accounts are active and that you’re generating buzz for your website.

6. Focus on Building a Brand Identity

Your brand identity is what’s really going to connect you to the modern audience. Personalization is important: the more highly personalized your content is, the more interested your audience will be.

2019 is going to be the year of a smaller, more dynamic and dedicated audience. Really building those personal relationships is going to be what distinguishes companies from their competition.

7. Pay Attention to the Algorithm

Google is changing its algorithms all the time and sometimes in quite dramatic ways. Not only should you be paying attention to your stats, but you should be updating yourself as frequently as possible on the upcoming news. From time to time, you may need to update and revise your prior content to fit in better with existing SEO.

Remember: in terms of SEO, it’s just about what works. Track your metrics and figure out which strategies work best for you. Depending on your industry or audience, you may need to tweak some things as you go. To start building your brand identity and online presence, contact us at Bexi.

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