3 Web Design Trends that are King

3 Web Design Trends that are King

2018 has been an exciting year for all things web design. Web design trends that have surfaced recently have allowed designers to create intricately tailored imagery and messaging that adequately communicates their brand tone to a wide array of readers.

With more than 40% of the global population anticipated to own a smartphone by 2020, web designers have been scrambling to optimize their websites for easy maneuvering and interacting on their mobile devices. Thankfully, designers can now incorporate trending tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Custom Illustrations, and Grid Layouts in their web design optimization goals to effortlessly articulate their company’s story in intricate detail.

Let’s go into more detail on these four trends to better define how exactly they can assist organizations in augmenting their website optimization efforts in the future.

Custom Illustrations

Custom illustrations have a way of strengthening an impression via allowing your brand to showcase its unique personality and help it set itself apart from the competition. Designers can create a specific atmosphere via the integration of custom illustrations that would not be possible by using only static images and icons.

Custom illustrations can set the tone for a brand in a practical way that makes the brand more human in the way that it interacts with the reader. They allow your design to be more communicative save readers time if they are designed to speak the same language as your brand.

Custom illustrations can, therefore, be used to reinforce the textual messages and build a better relationship with your reader who will be exponentially more inclined to engage with your brand.

Grid Layouts

Grid layouts have been a staple for many industries (i.e. printing) and occupations (i.e. painters) for centuries due to their simplistic, yet consistent design that allows for a better experience for those who view the final product.

Web designers have been gravitating towards implementing modern grid layout formats in web design in recent years to create a more consistent experience for readers across multiple devices with different screen sizes. In lament’s terms, grid layout elements are connected to each other via a malleable, invisible glue that simplifies the process of web design modification.

Grid layouts can also be adapted to other websites after a solid skeleton foundation is established which allows design teams to easily migrate their existing website to a new domain. This can increase your team’s ability to stay productive while also integrating quality design elements on your website.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Integrating an AI algorithm into your web design gives your team the flexibility to think high-level while the program runs in the background. AI can take many shapes to foster brand loyalty by providing readers a feeling that their interactions on the website are inherently special.

Once the AI program has learned about your team’s website design tactics and how users interact with websites, they can then collaborate with your team to design websites that create powerful experiences for readers in a much more productive fashion. AI can be trained to perform the more time consuming and repetitive tasks such as resizing and cropping photos as well as identifying the unique structures or methods that users are more inclined to be drawn to and engage with.

Once the AI has become fully integrated in the web design process, it can also acquire more actionable data for your business by combing through and cross-referencing the plethora of website traffic data that you have accumulated.

This can give your AI program and your design team additional insight into your web design and user experience (UX) that would be impossible to accomplish manually with the same number of designers.

Wrap Up

Investing in various improvements in your website design process will allow you to cultivate a broad and dedicated consumer base that will be focused on visiting your website and using your product(s) time and again.

With 90% of all media interactions being done on a digital screen across mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, TVs, and smartwatches, it is imperative that design teams optimize their website to accommodate this massive adoption of mobile technology.

Incorporating Custom Illustrations, AI, and/or Grid Layouts in their web design processes will give their website(s) more traction and staying power with readers in the future.


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