3 Tips for Your 2020 Marketing Plan

3 Tips for Your 2020 Marketing Plan

With the new year fast approaching, now is the time to begin developing the marketing plan that your company will use to reach new customers and grow your brand in 2020. At Bexi, nothing makes us happier than seeing companies of all sizes succeeding at their marketing goals and pursuits.

With that said, we thought we’d take the time to outline a few tips that you can use to help you create a 2020 marketing plan that will propel your business into the new year and beyond.

Tip #1: Work Backward by Establishing a Vision

A goal without a plan doesn’t offer much value. By the same token, though, neither does a project without a purpose. Before you begin creating your 2020 marketing plan, it’s essential first to establish a vision for what you want your company to accomplish in 2020 and beyond. Keep in mind that you can’t afford to be vague when setting this vision.

Setting a goal such as “reaching new customers and growing the business” isn’t going to be nearly as helpful as setting a goal such as “reaching X number of new customers and increasing the company’s revenue by X amount.”

When you set specific goals such as this, you give yourself and your employees something to strive for as well as a target that you can use to construct your 2020 marketing plan. In addition to establishing a vision for your company by setting goals, though, it’s also essential to theorize what your company and its market will look like moving forward.

How will political and socio-economic conditions affect your marketing plan? Are their opportunities on the horizon that you might be able to capitalize on? Are there obstacles on the horizon that you need to prepare for?

Asking and answering questions such as these, in addition to setting specific goals, will enable you to begin painting a realistic picture of where you want your company to be in 2020 and the years to come – which makes it much easier to develop a marketing plan to get you there.

Tip #2: Leave Room for Experimentation

While it’s essential to have a detailed and thorough marketing plan heading into the new year, nothing in that plan should be set in stone. Rather than creating a layout that you intend to stick to, no matter what, it’s far better to instead think about your 2020 marketing plan as a set of experiments that you expect to try out.

In the end, successful marketing is almost always going to be a process of trial and error. Instead of creating a marketing plan that encourages you to repeat something that isn’t working, create a marketing plan that helps you to try new tactics, gauge their results, and continually adapt as you go.

One great way to accomplish this is to plan for low-cost pilot runs of marketing campaigns as opposed to preparing for a full-scale launch right out of the gate. These pilot runs will enable you to gauge the results of your marketing strategy without having to spend a fortune, letting you then decide whether or not the campaign deserves a full-scale rollout.

Just be sure to structure your pilot runs in a way that can be scaled while still delivering the same results. If you aren’t careful, you may find that there are strategies that deliver results on a small scale while being unable to achieve the same results during the full-scale rollout.

Tip #3: Plan for Beyond 2020

When many companies create their 2020 marketing plan, the year 2020 is going to be their primary focus. In some cases, this is acceptable. In many others, though, focusing on 2020 alone is going to be a shortsighted mistake that doesn’t adequately prepare your company for the future beyond the upcoming year.

Rather than thinking about your 2020 marketing plan as a marketing plan for 2020, it may be more beneficial to think about it as a marketing plan for 2020 and beyond. You should certainly focus on setting and meeting goals in 2020, but you should also focus on how the marketing decisions you make in 2020 are going to affect your company in the years to come.

Even if you start all over again in 2021 and create a brand new marketing plan – as you should – focusing on the years beyond 2020 in your 2020 marketing plan will still help you guide your company in a way that is more forward-thinking.

Focusing on the years beyond 2020 in your 2020 marketing plan also helps eliminate the pressure to reach artificial milestones over the course of a single year. Not every goal can be accomplished in one year, and some goals may even take a decade or more to reach.

Developing a marketing plan that focuses on more than just the year ahead can help you put 2020 into context and help you avoid the mistake of creating goals that are either unreachable in a single year or goals that are reachable but aren’t as beneficial as they should be.

Let Bexi Help You Develop the Perfect 2020 Marketing Plan

2019 is almost in the books, and the time to start preparing your company for 2020 is now. With the right 2020 marketing plan, you can give your company the guidance and strategy it needs to take the new year by storm.

If you would like to create a thorough and detailed marketing plan that will enable your company to reach new heights in 2020, Bexi can help. To learn more about our industry-leading marketing plan services, feel free to contact us today!


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