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BEXI is a scalable subscription-based design solution created for marketing teams, which delivers results-driven brand experiences through an Open Scope framework.

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Increase your marketing ROI

Subscription-based design solution, for companies of all sizes. Scale quickly and meet demand without the overhead of hiring full-time employees 🙂

Core (1200 PTS)
1-3 projects

$2.4k per month, $1.8k onboarding

+$2.00 per additional point

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PRO (2500 PTS)1-5 projects

$4.1k per month,

$1.65 per additional point

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ELITE (8500 PTS)1-10 projects

$10.5k per month,

$1.25 per additional point

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When you have a dedicated design and development team at your disposal you can quickly stay on-trend, meet demands and create far-reaching brand experiences.

We believe in building long  lasting relationships with our clients, so the first  thing we do is get to know their business needs,  customers, and products.

  • Brand Audit
  • Assign to Dedicated Team
  • bexi team learns about your products/services
  • Optimize Brand System
  • Initiate first project with bexi lead support

Choose from our extensive list of creative services:

  • UX / UI / Web Design
  • Inbound Content
  • Print Marketing Collateral
  • Digital Experiences
  • Animated Videos
  • Event Experiences

We are hyper-focused on creating the strategy to drive awareness, demand, and insights you need to grow your business.

  • Marketing research
  • Marketing strategy
  • Program Planning (end-to-end mapping)
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Event Experience

Our Brand Experience as a Service platform lives in the cloud! Submit a project, leave feedback and check its status on any device with ease, anytime. Communication is one of your team’s core values; we encourage you to check in and ask us anything project related.

Save up to 3 months worth of points to meet demands for larger, future projects/campaigns.

Perfect outsourcing solution for your growing company . Work with bexi to create a team that meets your creative services needs.

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bexi is a scalable subscription based on-demand creative services delivery platform created for marketing teams, that delivers results-driven brand experiences through an Open-Scope framework.

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