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Our Open Scope framework allows bexi to meet today’s most demanding marketing team needs, increase marketing ROI and deliver connected brand experiences that their customers expect.

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Flexible solution for today's fast paced companies

Open Scope is a flexible, agile framework delivering connected brand experiences while eliminating the need for narrowly defined projects and pricing that reduces your marketing ROI. We at bexi understand that you and your team have high demands and changing design needs. Open Scope allows you to pivot on a dime while staying in budget. Simply put, you work with us to create the content, brand experiences, and engagement you need to increase marketing ROI 🙂


What makes Open Scope so flexible? The framework empowers your marketing team to decide the deliverables that will be most effective each month to the meet changing market demands.


The Open Scope framework allows you to move faster, pivot when needed and eliminates hand holding. You’ll have a dedicated team that is ready to hit the ground running, fully onboarded and ready to design.


Open Scope allows us to create non-static experiences that we monitor, evaluate and evolve to continuously improve outcomes. Resulting in experiences that resonate with your customers helping increase ROI and growth.

Maximize your budget

We Increase marketing ROI for our clients :)

We Increase marketing ROI for our clients 🙂

The key is bexi points, which you use to get the deliverables you need for that month. Best of all you’ll be able to select different deliverables every month from an integrated marketing campaign to videos, infographics and everything in between. Our Open Scope framework provides the flexibility companies need to meet demand, scale quickly and provide increased marketing ROI.

  • BORROW POINTS — We get that there are key months of the year that demand is greatest, so we make it easy to meet demand simply borrow the points you need from the following month.
  • ROLLOVER POINTS—With any of our plans you can bank up to three months worth of points and use them when you see fit, great for launching a product or make a splash at an event.

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bexi is a scalable on-demand creative services solution created for marketing teams, that delivers results-driven brand experiences through an Open-Scope framework.

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