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The ability to pivot on a dime allows you to mix and match the content you need to launch your product, run a promotion or announce your event and much more.

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Making things that make marketing awesome!

Open Scope allows you to pivot on a dime while staying in budget. Simply put, you work with us to create the content, brand experiences, and engagement you need to increase marketing ROI ?. Think of us as you in-house team, meaning you can request pretty much anything to meet demand. We handle everything from digital marketing to video and inbound content projects.

Marketing Collateral Print

- Flyer
- Brochure
- Data Sheet
- Whitepaper
- Poster
- Technical Doc
- Ad
- OOH Ad
- Brand guideline
- PPT (template creation)
- Presentation

Digital Experiences

- Landing Page (design/dev)
- Display Ad
- Email + Landing Page
- Website Hero Banner
- Webpage Optimization
- Microsite (up to 5p)
- Pay Per Click Ad (PPC)
- Re-Targeting Campaign

Animated Videos

- Storyboarding
- Animation production
- Animated GIF
- Animated Video
- Video Editing

UX / UI / Web Design

- Mood boards
- Competitive analysis
- Wire-framing
- Hi-Res Prototypes
- Experience mapping
- Style Guide

Inbound Content

- eBook
- Infographic
- Contest
- Checklist
- Cheat Sheets
- Guides
- SlideShare Presentations

Event Experiences

- Booth Experience
- Booth Graphics
- Booth Backdrop
- Swag (anything we can slap your logo on, really)
- Hoodie
- T-Shirt
- Polo
- Bags

Meet bexi

bexi is a scalable on-demand creative services solution created for marketing teams, that delivers results-driven brand experiences through an Open-Scope framework.

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