BEXI 101

Bexi is a subscription based, on-demand creative services solution designed for marketing teams. It provides 100% transparency in pricing, project management and results, through an Open-Scope framework.

Think of us as your in-house creative team, meaning you can request pretty much anything to meet your company's demands. We handle everything from digital marketing to video and content projects.

For a full list of deliverables please visit: https://bexi.io/inbound-marketing/

OpenScope is a flexible, agile framework delivering connected brand experiences while eliminating the need for narrowly defined projects and pricing that reduces your marketing ROI. We at bexi understand that you and your team have high demands and changing design needs. Open Scope allows you to pivot on a dime while staying in budget. Simply put, you work with us to create the content, brand experiences, and engagement you need to increase marketing ROI ?communications and environments.
Brand experience is conceptualized as sensations, feelings, cognitions, and behavioral responses evoked by brand-related stimuli that are part of a brand's design and identity, packaging, communications and environments.
It will depend on the plan that you have selected for your marketing needs as well as your
project's complexity and scale. In general, your team will be consist of 2-6+ designers, with
a design lead, a project manager and access to our editorial, development and technical
Key Differences:

1. Plans are based on deliverables, not billable hours.

2. Your dedicated team is fully onboarded and ready to hit the ground running allowing you to quickly scale and meet demands.

3. Open Scope: our flexible, agile framework that delivers brand experiences, without the need of SOW's or strict project scopes.

4. BXaaS: Quickly start a new project or campaign, manage, review and approve, all inside one simple platform.

5. By trimming the fat, we are proving service at 60-70% below the agency cost.

The biggest difference is cost! You do not have to worry about all the overhead cost of building, running and maintaining an in-house team with the same flexibility and understanding of flexibility and understanding of your brand and your specific marketing needs.
bexi provides a full spectrum of creative services, and our plans are based on deliverables, not billable hours. Our smart and innovative platform greatly accelerate project management ecency.

BEXI Subscriptions

Subscription-based design solution, for companies of all sizes. Scale quickly and meet demand without the overhead of hiring full-time employees ?

After you submit your personal and credit card information, you'll start a 1-year contract. You will be billed quarterly, and you can upgrade or downgrade your plan. If you choose to cancel your subscription, there is a cancellation fee. All the terms and details are clearly listed on the membership contract.
Each of our plans includes an specific amount of points per month that you can exchange to get a project or campaign created based on the value that they have.
Every plan has its own number of points you get each month. The Core Plan includes 1,200 pts/month, the Pro plan includes 2,500 pts/month and the Elite plan (custom) starts w/ 7,000 pts/month. You'll be able to keep track of how many points you have in your current and next month in your dashboard.
With the flexibility of our plans, you can roll over all remaining points you don´t spend by the end of the month to the next one - and, you'll have one month after the roll over to use
those points before they expire!
If you don´t have enough points available to get a new item, you can buy extra points. Depending on your plan, cost point varies from $1.25 - $2.00 0 That will be added directly to your current month. When you select the number of points you need you'll see the total USD price, no surprises.
First, choose the package that's most suitable for your marketing needs, then sign up and go through the simple billing and registration process and you're are all set! After that,
one of our project managers will be contacting you shortly to start creating some awesome marketing pieces.
The security of your payment information is very important to us. Your credit card information is collected on a secure HTTPS web page using SSL. We use Stripe credit card processing that is fully PCI-DSS compliant, which means they meet all industry standards for cardholder security. We never store your credit card number or your security code (CVV code). We only store a payment ``token`` (an order number generated by the processor), which allows us to charge your card automatically for auto-renewing subscriptions, or to
look up your payment transaction without having your card details.


One simple tool to dramatically minimize the time and effort it takes to start a project, manage your campaigns, review creative and approve final designs.

We made it easy to start your first project. Log onto my.bexi.io, once the dashboard loads simply select ``Create a New Project`` and select the project you want your bexi team to work on.
Log onto your my.bexi.io account and both your active and completed projects will be displayed on your dashboard. You can toggle between either set of projects. You will be able to see all details of your project by selecting the project you are interested in.
Once your project is ready for you to review your PM will send an email notification with a direct link to project, where you will be able to review, request edits or approve.
When you go to your dashboard you'll be able to view and select your current and finished (archived) projects.

Meet bexi

bexi is a scalable on-demand creative services solution created for marketing teams, that delivers results-driven brand experiences through an Open-Scope framework.

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