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Last updated March 8, 2021.

Digital Marketing with Bexi

What's Digital Marketing?

Today, marketing is mainly done in the digital world. From social media to email and websites. Your future customers are online, and so should you.

What's lead generation?

Lead generation is the first part in the process of turning people into customers.

A lead is someone who shows enough interest to give you their contact information.

What's a Campaign?

In Marketing, a campaign is a series of actions executed strategically in order to meet a goal.

Campaigns use assets like Digital Ads, Emails and Landing Pages to get people's interest and contact information, and turning them into new leads.

How can Bexi help my business?

Bexi helps you get leads for your business, and we make it very simple.

Our tool creates your campaigns based on your goal —promoting your business, scheduling a consultation, registering people to your webinar, etc.— and gives you designs already created to reach that goal.

You don't need to know marketing, design or code. Bexi will get you there.

Getting Started

Signing up for a Bexi Account

Creating your own Bexi account is 100% Free and simple.

1. Go to

2. Sign up in one-click with your Google account (Gmail) or create a username and password.

Creating your Profile

The information in your profile helps Bexi create campaigns that are consistent with your brand identity (logo, colors, fonts) and content that matches your industry and type of business.

Your profile can be edited and updated by clicking on the top right button.

Dashboard / Home

In your dashboard you'll find the most recent campaigns created and new leads generated. Consider it your command center.


In the Campaigns section, you will be able to see all the campaigns you have created. You can do a text search by typing on the bar any word that's part of your campaign.

Clicking on any campaign on the list will take you to your Campaign Manager, so you can modify that specific campaign.


In the Leads Section, you can find all the leads you have ever generated classified by camapign. You can also do a text search across campaigns to look for a specific lead.

Once you have the leads you need selected, you can export them as a list on a .CSV file or a PDF, and start following up on your leads.

Campaign Manager

The campaign manager is the view within each campaign you create, where you can add your campaign assets, edit and modify them, publish them, and see the metrics and leads generated by that specific campaign.


New Campaign

By clicking on the "New Campaign" button, you'll start defining the name of your new campaign and the design style you'd like to chose.

Once your new campaign is created, you'll land on the Campaign Manager, where you'll be able to add your campaign assets and launch your campaign.

Campaign Assets

Every Bexi Campaign has two main assets:

- A Digital Ad, used to attract potential leads.
- A Landing Page + Confirmation Email, to get their contact information and suggest next steps.

The confirmation email only works as an automatic response from the Landing Page.

Digital Ads

Digital Ads are designs with the purpose of grabbing people's attention and taking them to your Landing Pages.

Once your Digital Ad is ready to be published, Bexi will help you create a Facebook Ad Campaign so you can target your potential customers.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages are very specific individual web pages, with the single purpose of offering more info about your product, service, etc., and most importantly, to capture the contact info of your new leads.

Once your Landing Page is ready, you can publish it directly to our servers, completely free.

Confirmation Emails

Confirmation emails only work as an automated response to their Landing Pages.

Adding a Digital Ad to my Campaign

To add a Digital Ad to your campaign just click on the start button in the Campaign Manger, and follow the following steps:

1. Select the design that matches the purpose of your campaign
2. Edit your message
3. Confirm or replace the images

Adding a Landing Page to my Campaign

To add a Landing Page to your campaign just click on the start button in the Campaign Manger, and follow the following steps:

1. Select the design that matches the purpose of your campaign
2. Edit the texts
3. Confirm or replace the images

Modifying and Editing my assets

To modify or edit any of your assets, just click on the thumbnail of your asset and you will see the asset editor again.


Publishing your Campaign

Once you've created your assets, you're ready to publish your campaign.

Publishing a campaign is simply making all of its assets available live to your potential customers, and Bexi helps you publish in a few clicks.

How can I publish my Digital Ad?

To publish your Digital Ad, just follow these steps:

1. Click on your Digital Ad
2. On the top right menu, click on the "publish" button

How can I publish my Landing Page?

Facebook Ad Campaigns

View my published Digital Ad

View my published Landing Page

Leads & Performance

What's a Lead?

A lead is someone who shows enough interest to give you their contact information. You will see your new lead coming in on the campaign manager or the Campaigns section.

Metrics & Analytics

Managing my Leads

Exporting my Leads