Agency quality design, with inhouse flexibility.

bexi is a scalable on-demand creative solution created for marketing teams, that delivers results-driven brand experiences through an Open Scope framework.

increase marketing ROI
brand experience
brand experience
increase marketing ROI
increase marketing ROI
``It's the ultimate creative services model that thousands of brand and marketing managers have dreamed of but never had access to.``
helium Andreas Forsland | Founder

Introducing bexi

A creative services solution, that allows companies to quickly scale, without the cost of traditional creative agencies or added headcount. A new way of outsourcing your creative needs ๐Ÿ™‚

The bexi way, our process

We put the customer at the center of every brand experience we create, so the customer puts your brand at the center of their experiences.

Open Scope, our services

It's a flexible, agile framework that delivers brand experiences, without the need of SOW's or strict project scopes. Allowing companies to pivot on a dime!

BXaaS, our platform

One simple tool to dramatically minimize the time and effort it takes to start a project, manage your campaigns, review creative and approve final designs.

How it works

1. Select your points

Select the number of points that best meets your companies needs and sign-up! Our sales team is available to answer any questions, contact sales.

2. Meet your team

Ready! We love to learn about your business and customers. Our process is centered around you + your company, your customer + your product. Your creative team is waiting!

3. Start a project

Set! Weโ€™re flexible, simply submit your first project or campaign request with our user-friendly project builder tool or work with your team lead to get started.

brand experience

4. Get results

Go! Your team lead sets up all schedules, kickoffs, review cadence and deadlines while your creative services team executes requested designs. All you do is review, approve and see results!

<h2><strong>Ring-in-Spring with a free design project!</strong></h2>

Ring-in-Spring with a free design project!

The Design Project Giveaway is quite simple, the winner selects from any of our design project offerings (up to $5000 in value) โ€“ Then your Bexi team works with you to deliver agency quality creative in record time.


Meet bexi

bexi is a scalable on-demand creative services solution created for marketing teams, that delivers results-driven brand experiences through an Open-Scope framework.

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